Sijo Workshop: Comparing Korean Poetry with Chinese and Japanese Verse

In collaboration with the East Asian Studies Center at Indiana University

November 10-11, 2018
9am-6pm Saturday
9am-12pm Sunday

PianoForte Studio
1335 S. Michigan Ave.
Chicago, IL, 60605


This program includes overviews and comparisons of Korean sijo, Chinese jueju, and Japanese haiku with attention to thematic and stylistic similarities and differences; an introduction to Korean pansori and traditional storytelling; and discussions on how to teach sijo in a high school setting.

In addition to lectures will be a concert featuring music inspired by and based on Korean sijo poetry. Featured musical genres will range from Korean art songs, a jazz saxophone and Korean jang-gu duo, and hip-hop.

Dinner will be provided on Saturday, featuring delicious authentic Korean food and liquor.

This program is co-organized by the Sejong Cultural Society and the National Consortium for Teaching about Asia (NCTA) National Coordinating Site at Indiana University's East Asian Studies Center, with support from the Korea Foundation and the NCTA National Coordinating Site at the University of Pittsburgh.


Speakers include:

  • Prof. Mark Peterson, Brigham Young University
  • Prof. Chan Eung Park, Ohio State University
  • Assoc. Prof. Daniel Hsieh, Purdue University
  • Ms. Regina Harris Baiocchi, Chicago, IL
  • Ms. Elizabeth Jorgensen, Arrowhead Union High School, WI
  • Mr. Chuck Newell, Notre Dame High School, TN
  • Ms. Deb Holland, D'Evelyn Jr/Sr High School, CO


Meals and a certificate of participation will be provided to all participants.

Participation includes a stipend based on roundtrip travel distance from the workshop venue.

  • Up to 150 miles: $200
  • 151-450 miles: $350
  • More than 450 miles: $500


To register, please visit the Indiana University website. A $40 non-refundable registration fee will be charged.

The registration deadline is Monday, October 1, 2018.

For questions, please email or