Chang-bu-taryung (창부타령)

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Changbu Taryeong, “song of the professional entertainer,” is a representative folk song of the central region, Gyeonggi Province. Originally it was a shaman song of the northern area of the Han River, but gradually it was transformed and popularized, becoming a folk song. The word changbu is another name for a professional male entertainer, gwangdae, and this song is a prayer to evoke changbu, the god of gwangdae, for blessings. It is characterized by its delicate melodic ornamentation and the natural flow of the melodic line coupled with sophisticated poetic words and phrases.

Since the song is from the central region the melodic shape and mode are similar to those of Arirang. (Please refer to geyeongtori). In the refrain section presented below, the cheong G is immediately established with support from the D, a perfect fourth below. Characteristically in Changbu Taryeong, this melodic gesture is transposed up a fifth (from D – E – G, to A – B - D), establishing the upper range. The melody returns to the cheong with an energetic figure before the refrain concludes on the low D.

The rhythmic pattern for this song is gutgeori, with four compound beats (12/8 meter), sometimes divided into two halves (6/8 meter), used to invoke a sense of cheeriness. As this song is upbeat and exciting, it is a favorite for accompanying various dance performances.



아니~~~ 아니 놀지는 못하리라.
Ani (No way), Ani (no way), you cannot refuse to stay here and have fun,
서산에 닭이 울고 황혼이 짙었는데
The rooster is crying on the western mountain; the sky is red with sunset
안오는 님을 기다리는 마음을 조이는데
I am worrying about my sweetheart who has not arrived
동산에 달이 돋아 온 천하를 비쳐있고
The moon rises over the hill and shines all over the world
외기러기가 홀로 떠서 짝을 불러 슬피 울제
A single goose is flying alone, crying for its mate
원망스런 우리님을 한없이 기다리다
I am desperately waiting for my sweetheart
일경 이경 삼사오경 어느덧이 새벽일세
Passed one o’clock, two o’clock, three, four, five o’clock; it is already dawn
추야장 긴긴밤을 전전불매 잠못들때
In this long autumn night I cannot fall asleep
상사일념 애타는걸그대는 아시는가
Do you know that all I can think of is you, my sweetheart?
둘데없는 이내 심사 어디다가붙여볼까
What shall I do when I cannot think of anything else but you?
차라리 잊자 해도 욕망이 난망이라 차마 진정 못 잊겠네
I tried to forget you in vain because of my desire to see you
얼씨구 절시구 절시구 지화자 좋구 아니 노지는 못하리라
Uhl-ssi-goo, jeol-ssi-goo, jeol-ssi-goo, ji-wha-ja jot-koo, you cannot refuse to stay here and have fun

죽장망혜 단표자로 천리 강산 들어가니
I am on my journey of the world with only one bamboo stick and a water bottle
산은 높고 골은 깊어 두견접동 날아난다.
The mountains are high, the valleys are deep; beautiful birds are flying all around me
구름은 뭉게뭉게(상상고봉 산머리에) 낙락장송어려 있고,
The cloud is rising in a beautiful shape over the high mountaintops; the forest is dense with tall trees
바람은 슬슬 불어 구곡계변 암석상에 꽃가지 떨뜨린다.
A gentle breeze is blowing off the flower petals from the branches on the rock near the winding streams
경개 무궁 절승하고 별유천지 비인간 이니 아니 놀고 어이하리
The scenery is beautiful and this place is a paradise; you cannot refuse to take time to have fun here
얼씨구 절시구 절시구 지화자 좋네ㅡ// 아니ㅡ 노지는 못하리라
Uhl-ssi-goo, jeol-ssi-goo, jeol-ssi-goo, ji-wha-ja jot-koo, you cannot refuse to have fun