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Course Dates


Jan 9 through Feb 10
Feb 20 through Mar 24
Apr 3 through May 5
May 15 through Jun 16
Aug 14 through Sept 15
Oct 2 through Nov 3
Nov 13 through Dec 15

Instructor Information

Elizabeth Jorgensen
High school English teacher

Lucy Park
Executive Director, Sejong Cultural Society

Course Background & Purpose

This course is for teachers who want to learn more about sijo and how to use it in their classrooms. This course is centered on detailed analyses and critiques of student and professional sijo, including writing and editing original sijo.

In this course, teachers will learn, in vast part, by doing. By way of exercises and compositions, teachers will:

  • understand sijo, learning the form, structure and history;
  • generate a sampling of sijo; and
  • create and implement a sijo-centered lesson plan.


  • Introduction using a web 2.0 tool.
  • Weekly posts to the discussion boards.
  • Readings and videos.
  • Writing and editing of original sijo.
  • Commenting on classmates’ sijo.
  • Creating and implementing a sijo-centered lesson plan.


Week one: Through readings and lectures, teachers will understand the form, structure and history of sijo. Teachers will learn of how other teachers have used sijo in a variety of classrooms.

Week two: Teachers will read sijo with a focus on analyzing the structure and form. Expanding on week one’s content, teachers will write and share their own original sijo. Teachers will provide feedback to classmates and make modifications to their poems.

Week three: Teachers will watch other teachers instruct on sijo. Teachers will create their own lesson plans to teach sijo in their classrooms.

Week four and five: Teachers will propose a topic for further collaboration. Teachers will share sijo with colleagues, research writers’ markets and provide the instructor with feedback.


Registration is free.

To register, please fill out this Google Form by one day before the class starts. (e.g., for the May 15, 2023 class, the deadline is May 14, 2023.)

Before the course begins, you will receive an email from Elizabeth Jorgensen explaining how to join the class.


Teachers who complete all course assignments and submit a lesson plan as requested at the end of the course will be eligible for a $100 stipend after the course ends.

CE Credit

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