2014 Sejong Writing Competition

Winning Entries


first place - Hapshiba Kwon
second place ("17321-012") - Alexandra Kindahl
third place ("Lao-Ye (Grandfather)") - Jeanna Qiu
honorable mentions


YA/senior prompt: Compare Yi Mun-yol's novella Our Twisted Hero to another literary or artistic work or historical event.

Young Adult
first place - Samuel Walder
second place - Erin Connolly
third place - Matthew McGee

first place - Brendan Phillips
second place - Daniel Kedansky
third place - Darvin Heo

Junior prompt: Read a Korean folktale and write about one of three topics — a) your interpretation of the folktale and its creation, b) why you disagree with it, or c) which character you relate to the best.

first place - Jason Lee
second place - Robin Young
third place - Abigail Fonville